Turing NW MathsHub

Our leadership team

Meet our experienced Turing NW Maths Hub leadership team. They have oversight of the day to day running of the maths hub programmes. They work closely with schools and colleges in our six local authority areas and are always happy to hear from schools to discuss our professional development opportunities and our Targeted Support offer for schools we work with.
Sam Webster

Senior Leadership Link

Julia Morgans

Maths Hub Lead

Denise Heaton

Deputy Maths Hub Lead

Karen Wall

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Steven Ladley

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Alec Rispin

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Mike Thompson

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Post-16)

Kate Nield

Maths Hub Project Manager

Zoe Cook

Maths Hub Finance Officer

Charlotte Lavin

Maths Hub Administrator

Opportunities to join our team

We have a team of over 50 teachers who are local leaders of mathematics education and work with us to deliver our fully funded professional development. Recruitment for 24/25 is now closed; for more information on how to work with us as a local leader of mathematics education you can visit the NCETM website or email enquiries@mathshubsturingnw.co.uk.