Early Years Projects

Early Years mathematics: The Big Ideas - For Early Years Practitioners and Maths Subject Leads

Four half day workshops will explore the ‘big ideas’ of early mathematics that ensure children have a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding in number and pattern.

Sessions will consider practical approaches to help children develop a secure sense of number and mathematical thinking skills. Problem-solving and reasoning are at the heart of mastery of mathematics and we will consider ways to encourage mathematical thinking in young children by being curious, being thoughtful, being determined and working collaboratively. These habits are reflected in the Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Principles of Mastery.

Developing multi-sensory and cross-curricular approaches to maths to raise attainment for all learners

This course will focus on developing a multi-sensory approach to learning in which all children will progress in maths, regardless of their starting point. Alternative methods of language-based assessment at EYFS will be explored, so that all children can be assessed, including those with limited or no communication.