Post 16 Projects

This year we have two Work Groups specific to Level 3 Mathematics, Developing Pedagogy (in A-level Maths) and Core Maths.

If you are interested in participating in the Embedding Technology Work Group please contact us as neighbouring Maths Hubs may be running the Work Group.

Developing Pedagogy (in A Level Mathematics Teaching)

This project provides national support for the effective development of pedagogy in the teaching of A-level Mathematics to enhance teaching and conceptual understanding for students.

There is a range of currently available mathematics teacher PD around subject knowledge and pedagogy for new teachers of A-level Maths but no extended professional development for experienced teachers or leaders of A-level Maths teaching around the overarching themes or other aspects of pedagogy of the new A-level Maths specification. There is a strong focus on pedagogy through the overarching themes of the new linear A-level Maths specification, and changes to pedagogy in Statistics teaching, assessment and the use of technology.

Supporting Core Maths

The project aims to make use of examiner reports and feedback from 2019’s examination series in Core Maths to develop resources and techniques to improve outcomes in 2020. Teachers with different levels of experience will work together collaboratively to target challenging topics through reflection and sharing of best practice. Time will be given to develop, implement and evaluate resources during the year, working towards a base of evidence for success. A network of participants will be established leading to channels of communication that will support teaching of Core Maths during the current academic year and beyond.